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A leading provider of digital transformation across a huge range of industries, BT for Global Business has been solving business challenges for over 70 years. From connecting remote locations to reinventing entire workplace systems, it supports industries to harness the latest digital technology and develop more agile, responsive ways of doing business.

BT wanted to share the work it’s doing in this space, with a focus on the unique challenges different industries face and the many ways digital transformation can solve these. BT wanted to communicate its deep understanding of the individual operating environments faced by target industries and to demonstrate how its tried-and-tested expertise could support businesses’ path to digitalisation and operational optimisation.
With a finger on the pulse of innovative digital developments, BT also wanted to showcase how it can partner with different industries to prepare them to get the most from emerging technological opportunities.
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Partnership delivers a successful campaign

BT decided to create a campaign to engage nine industries, with digital transformation white papers at its core, each focusing on a separate industry. It was critical that this campaign achieved cut-through, speaking each industry’s language and sharing messages in compelling, accessible and effective ways. Facing tight timescales, BT’s content team needed a trusted pair of hands to help deliver the project on-time and on-budget. Having worked closely with BT on highly technical content for 20 years, BT asked us to support this significant project. We immediately set to work, coordinating numerous expert interviews and delving into the specifics of each industry’s transformation journey – particularly the unique challenges and opportunities.

Remarkable results

The results of the campaign were impressive, achieving over 2,000 leads and website visits 25% above target. Driven by the compelling content, the campaign had a CTR that was 500% higher than originally projected.

achieved leads
Website visits above target
“Across an extensive campaign, asabell were incredibly responsive and well organised. They kept track of all the moving parts and worked closely to tight timeframes. Always friendly, they operate as part of our in-house team and were integral to the success of this campaign.”
Vicky Cadman - Senior Marketing Manager, BT
““The asabell team were easy to reach and very responsive, quickly actioning feedback and taking ownership of each of the assets. The content asabell produced was high quality and appealed directly to each target audience. The copy hit a fine balance between making complex information light and engaging, and providing actionable technical insights for industry professionals.””
Craig Chadburn - Social Media Manager, BT

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