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B2B is better together for logistics

B2B is better together for logistics


B2B marketing in the supply chain and logistics industry is in a state of flux. After a year of considerable challenges, marketing might have shifted right down your list of urgent priorities.

As we mentioned in our recent blog, it’s time to enter a new phase. This year, the industry needs to take marketing off the backburner and focus on building great business relationships that will weather the uncertainty of the coming years.

So where do you begin if B2B hasn’t been on the agenda for a while?

Get your marketing started

Often, you need an outside pair of eyes. A partner who can assess where you’re at – what’s working and what’s not. From there, it’s important to discuss your business goals and put together a plan that’s tailored to achieving them.

For lots of organisations within the supply chain and logistics industry, technology solutions are core to their campaigns. The successes many businesses have enjoyed after implementing new technologies evidence how innovative, agile and forward-thinking they are. In a market still peppered with uncertainties, these qualities are just what clients are looking for.

If you’ve had some business wins, like successfully optimising the factory floor through IT/OT convergence, or digitally optimising your supply chain, that’s a great place to start gathering material for your next campaign. Case studies, expert opinions, revamping your social media channels and reviewing your brand identity are all good starter for tens, too.

For more information on how marketing can help you achieve your business goals this year, keep an eye out for our latest whitepaper. It’s tailored to your industry, and it’s full of insights into how to drive more value from your marketing.

And, as always, let us know if you’d like any help or guidance. We’ve work with lots of businesses in your sector, creating a range of materials from articles to whitepapers, animations, infographics, and web pages. Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll deliver the content to get you there!

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