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Why content is a balance of quality AND quantity.

Does effective B2B content have to be a question of quality or quantity? We spell out the definitive answer.

What would you choose?

Content marketing is the backbone of many organisations’ communications with customers and prospects. It’s particularly crucial in a B2B environment, where buying cycles are lengthy and 95 per cent of buyers consider content to be a trustworthy way of evaluating a company and its offerings. And, since content is the main form of contact with these nascent sales leads, you need to get it right.

So, which way do you go? Focus purely on producing high-quality content that’s useful and engaging? Or concentrate on building your presence through delivering content frequently, but often, repetitively?

A custom blend.

The answer is a mixture of the two; quality AND quantity.

Build your process around creating a piece of high-quality content that you then repurpose in a variety of ways. Think of it as creating a flagship piece of content, and then producing versions of it to offer frequent opportunities for your target audience to click, read and share.

You may want to take your original content and repurpose it by vertical, geography or buyer persona. You may consider turning your initial in-depth piece into more snackable forms, using your key points to catch attention. Perhaps you’ll want to think about ways to use your content across your communication channels. Your blog, for example, will probably see traffic ebbing and flowing from organic search, whereas your email newsletter goes to an engaged core audience who want to hear what you’ve got to say: there’s a place for your content on both channels.

Let’s look at how this might work in practice. You may start by researching and producing a white paper. This could then become the basis of a webinar, an email campaign, a series of blogs and infographics, and a whole range of activity on social media.

The essential ingredients.

Both the creation and distribution sides of your content-creation process require skill and commitment. Generating the initial piece of fresh research or thought leadership takes hard work, but so does getting people to consume and share that quality content.

We all know it’s not just a question of putting that great content online and sitting back; it takes work to make sure the right people see what you’ve produced. Content creation and promotion needs time and skill too, to provide the necessary exposure to your target audience.

If you’d like a hand with creating high-quality content in high-volume formats, and getting that content in front of your target audience, just get in touch.

Blog posts

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