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What can we expect from B2B in 2023?


As we enter 2023, what key trends and innovations can we expect to see shaping B2B campaigns?

Refreshing SEO strategies

We’re all familiar with over-optimised, near impossible-to-read articles where the author has tried to maximise SEO by shoehorning in too many keywords. These robotic and repetitive pieces of content are something B2B agencies work hard to avoid, but many find it difficult to tread the fine line between being readable and search engine friendly.

Luckily, some key changes were made to the Google algorithm last year, eliminating the need to repeat key terms to increase search visibility. Instead, the algorithm has been refined to connect users to quality and relevant content that answers users’ needs more effectively. The result is that many marketeers and content creators will be refreshing their SEO strategy and moving from a ‘keyword-first’ to ‘people-first’ approach.

Experimenting with video length

In MarketingProf’s 13th Annual B2B content survey, 78% of B2B content marketers said they will continue to invest in video throughout 2023, a 9% increase on the previous year. And 90% of B2B marketeers said they’re now heavily reliant on video for their online promotion.

It’s been impossible to ignore the surging popularity of short ‘snackable’ video content in the past few years – especially in the consumer sector, where we’ve seen the rise of social media platforms like Tik Tok. Increasingly, we expect to see this model move into B2B, as brands experiment with new forms of video to augment their marketing toolkit. But to do this successfully, business-orientated brands must refine their visual storytelling and hone their core messaging to create engaging and easily digestible short form content.

Increasing that personal touch

Every year, more digital natives move into professional buying and decision-making roles. This tech-savvy demographic expects relevant, tailored content at every opportunity but Gen-Z buyers also valueauthenticity and personability when making purchasing decisions. So instead of steering marketing towards big data and AI-driven targeted campaigns, we expect to see increasingly personalised B2B marketing in 2023.

To win buyers over, B2B brands will need to adopt a more personable and direct tone of voice. It will also be vital to start delivering hyper-focused campaigns that target specific roles, localities and even individual. In 2023’s crowded marketplace, connecting with this target audience on a personal level and demonstrating that you understand their interests, behaviours and needs will win business.

Recent studies have shown that 71% of people now expect personalised interactions and content and 76% of customers today now feel frustrated when their content isn’t personalised.

The rise of hybrid events

Since the pandemic, the way we attend and participate in events has completely changed and a combination of virtual and physical is now the norm for a range of different marketing events. Towards the end of last year, several major advertising and media outlets reported a significant rise in the revenue they were generating from hybrid events – Forbes, for example, saw a 60% rise in revenue as it embraced hybrid event formats.

As a result, we’re expecting to see more B2B organisations embracing this model and combining remote and physical conferences, webinars and networking events. This hybrid approach will give businesses greater scope to connect to a wider, international audience than their traditional reach. And a rise in event blogs, podcasts, videos and whitepapers is likely to follow for those who couldn’t attend.

In fact, 86% of B2B organisations are now achieving a positive ROI from hybrid events that continues to increase up to seven months after the initial launch date.

If you’re considering your own hybrid event, our guide on webinars has some great tips for generating long term value.

Counting on quality

Throughout 2022, as with many other years, mailboxes, inboxes and social media pages were awash with generic, unexciting B2B content.

But despite growing adoption of marketing automation and multi-channel management tools, we’re confident that 2023 will be the year quality triumphs over quantity. It’s a belief reflected in the Content Marketing Institute’s annual survey which found that ‘producing better quality content’ was still the top differentiator for successful brands. As we move through the 20s, organisations that value thought leadership, originality and creativity will continue to stand out from the crowd.

To find out more about how to make your marketing as strategic as possible in 2023, get in touch with the asabell team. We tailor campaigns our clients’ specific needs and always have an ear to the ground to ensure everything we create is impactful for today’s audiences.

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