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Top tips for talking tech


Innovation and game-changing solutions are the lifeblood of B2B. Without them, there’d be no disruptive market forces or exciting new opportunities to talk about.

But transforming the complex processes and painstaking hard work behind state-of-the-art technology into a compelling and accessible read is a fine art.

How do you create attention-grabbing content that holds the reader’s interest while also conveying the specialist knowledge and technical details that ensure conversions?

Here are our top tips for talking tech and convincing senior decision makers that, with your marketing support, their technology is safe in your hands.

Delivering the right level of knowledge

The first step is to understand your audience. Are they cybersecurity specialists? Part of a procurement team? Logistics and operations managers? This will help you tailor your content to your readers’ professional interests and level of understanding.

Most readers are likely to be reading an extension of their work, so think carefully about what they want to know. For example, a cybersecurity specialist is probably not interested in reading an article explaining how a firewall works – this is assumed knowledge that won’t engage a reader with such a high level of industry knowledge. They are far more likely to want to hear about new innovations in the market, emerging trends or challenges – so always ensure that your focus remains at the forefront of the industry you’re discussing.

Transforming expertise into powerful storytelling

Regardless of technical subject matter, good content should always tell a story, not read like a manual. That’s where the expertise of copywriters comes in.

As opposed to letting subject matter experts (SMEs) write content themselves, gather their insights and let the copy experts turn it into something engaging, compelling and easy to understand.

There are some basic questions you can ask to make sure you have the most relevant information from your SMEs:

  • Why was the solution created?
  • What’s the current landscape or background to its development?
  • Were there any other challenges or discoveries along the way?
  • What was the end result?
  • How will the solution benefit the industry?

Then, think about the solution’s USPs. What makes it stand out in the market? And where can it assist more generally in terms of time and process efficiency, cost savings, quality improvements and so on.

We’re experts at working with experts. Take a look at our short guide on working with SMEs to create valuable and engaging content, here.

Capturing terminology and tone

To prove your credibility and experience, it’s important to use correct industry terminology, as well as recognising where terms or concepts need extra clarification. Poor technical writing is clouded with jargon, buzz words and acronyms. Sometimes, these terms and abbreviations are just concepts repackaged by marketeers – so think carefully about what they really mean before using them.

Likewise, make sure your tone is appropriate for the audience and always make sure it’s in line with established brand voice. A sprinkle of expressive language will show you care about the subject – but don’t fall into unnecessary hyperbole.

Drilling down into detail

If your content doesn’t convince your reader, they won’t proceed to the next stage in the purchase funnel. Because you’re communicating with technically qualified professionals, you need to support the compelling story around your new solution with stats, insights or links to reputable sources. Real life and relatable examples, particularly case studies with clear deliverables and results, are a good way to win the audience over.

At the same time, still format for easy reading by keeping paragraphs short, using strong subheads to summarise each section and, if necessary, step-by-step instructions or bullet points to outline more complex instructions or solutions.

Tell your story

We’ve got decades of experience producing technical and informative content for our clients – visit our eBook to find out more about our tech expertise.

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