In the current lockdown, no matter what industry you’re in, there are ways to adapt to make sure that your relationship with customers is as strong as it possibly can be. Here’s what businesses can do to keep connections with customers positive during the pandemic. 

 1. Be an inspiration.

Okay, that sounds a little bit Disney, but it’s not about breaking into song. Inspiration can be about simple, uplifting acts and messages as we all struggle through unprecedented changes to the way we live and work. From offering hope, to sharing your vision for the future and getting involved as much as you can in helping out your community, you’ll share a powerful message with your customers that you’re a business that’s there to offer support and take the initiative when it’s needed most. Being socially responsible and taking a lead in helping others to stay positive and focused will hopefully mean we all come out of this with our health, happiness and livelihoods intact.

2. Use this time to build your business

It sounds counter-intuitive as some industries are seeing such a sharp decline in customers, but there are ways to add-value to your business that aren’t based on sales. Perhaps you’ve got a time-consuming filing system that you never got around to improving, maybe your brand needs a revamp or perhaps your team could do with some opportunities to reconnect with one another. For many, sorting out a marketing strategy to stay in touch with customers past, present and future would be valuable. Whether you’re moving potential customers through the sales pipeline or maintaining regular, positive contact with past clients, communication through marketing is always important. So, whether it’s marketing or something else, use the lull many organisations are experiencing to work on the things you don’t normally have time to. And come out of this time a stronger, more streamlined business.

3. Focus on ease of working

The current lockdown has made lots of things more difficult, so where you can make things easy for your customers, try to do so. Make it easy to contact you, keep the lines of communication open, offer help where you can and be proactive about keeping in touch. Marketing communications, whether broad ones through your social channels, or more personal ones like emails, are a good way to keep people informed and to show that you still value their custom.

It’s hard right now — in daily life and in the business world, so we’d like to help in any way we can. If you’d like some advice about your business messaging or want to explore the best ways to reach out to your customers, please get in touch.


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