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Six essential tips for B2B blog content success

Over the next year the number of articles out there, sitting on B2B blogs, is going to soar. Which means your organisation’s content is going to have to work even harder to reach your target market of business decision makers. So, how can you make your articles the ones that get the attention?

  1. Find out what interests your audience.

    Ask your salespeople and customer service staff about the common questions and concerns they hear from prospects and customers. Listen, and find out what information might appeal to your target market and match it to what your organisation offers.
  2. Use your internal resources.

    Your people know your target market best, so it makes sense that they should play a big part in ‘speaking’ to them. Pull together a team of contributors who can use their expertise to connect with customers.
  3. Guard against blogging for blogging’s sake.

    Make sure every article puts across a clear point; don’t be tempted to post something that’s all puff and no substance, just because you’ve got a schedule to meet. Satisfied readers who feel they’ve got something out of your article will return for more.
  4. Have a plan.

    Step back and think ahead. Make strategic decisions now about what you’re going to be blogging about over the next six months. It’ll make you think objectively about what you’re putting out and it’ll make sure you never get caught short.
  5. Be dependable.

    Try to post strong content regularly; this will make checking your blog a good habit for your readership — giving you regular opportunities to ‘speak’ to your audience. Try getting blogs written ahead of schedule so that other commitments don’t get in the way.
  6. Spread the word.

    Promote your articles online to support your content. Make the most of your social media platforms to reach your audience wherever they are.

    A flourishing blog is a great channel of communication with your target audience and is an important part of our four-phase approach to content marketing. We’d love to have a chat about what a blog could do for you, so feel free to get in touch.
Blog posts

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