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Supply chain and logistics – what’s on the agenda?

Supply chain and logistics – what’s on the agenda?


For the supply chain and logistics industry, the past few years have a been a journey defined by roadblocks. While returning to business-as-usual has been given a tentative green light, that doesn’t mean there won’t be bumps in the road.

Here’s a rundown of some of the obstacles the industry has been up against, and how we can help you turn them into opportunities:

  1. Supply chain challenges
    The challenge: Less access to raw materials, higher shipping costs and growing demand for faster fulfilment. Supply chains have always faced pressure, but with the pandemic changing consumer habits even the most robust supply chains have suffered disruption. To rebuild resilience, many organisations will be looking to significantly optimise their fleets, unlock previously untapped data in the warehouse, and tighten up their multi-channel inventory management.

    The opportunity: Industry players are hyper-alert to the businesses that are coping well in today’s market. Whatever your secret is – from digitally enabled supply chains to strong business relationships – make sure your industry knows about it. Turn the strategy that’s made your business so resilient into your next marketing campaign. Your potential clients want to know they’re in a safe pair of hands as they face supply chain uncertainty.
  1. Evolving customer expectations
    The challenge: New fears, new habits, new hobbies, new restrictions – customer behaviours are constantly changing. Today’s shoppers have so many options at their fingertips, only the most standout and seamless experiences will keep them coming back. Keeping pace across all platforms is key – whether that’s through increased personalisation, same-day delivery, or frictionless shopping journeys.

    The opportunity: Staying competitive requires innovation and a ceaseless drive to stay one step ahead of the end customer. From exciting new eCommerce platforms to digitally optimised same-day delivery strategies, there are lots of ways to stay ahead of developing customer wants. And for the businesses you want to work with, these initiatives are what make you stand out from the crowd.
  1. Sustainability solutions
    The challenge: Low emissions, recycled packaging, ethically sourced materials, a carbon-neutral future – customers want to purchase from companies that are environmentally friendly. And more than half will ditch brands that aren’t taking the climate emergency seriously. As environmental accountability grows organisations need optimised processes that make operations more efficient and environmentally friendly.

    The opportunity: Whether you have an iron-clad sustainability roadmap or you’re starting out on your sustainability journey, it’s vital to share that. As customers vote with their feet, brands are looking to boost their sustainability credentials through environmentally friendly B2B relationships. Good for the planet is good for business, so get your sustainability kudos out there.
  1. Digital transformation acceleration
    The challenge: Faster innovation, faster product development, faster manufacturing, faster delivery. Businesses that want to stay competitive are already exploring transformative technologies to get ahead. Solutions like industrial IoT, advanced automation, artificial intelligence and robotics will all be make or break in this rapidly evolving landscape. Opening your doors to game-changing solutions is going to be critical for survival.

    The opportunity: The companies embracing digital transformation are seeing greater efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. But the business gains shouldn’t stop there – sharing details of your solutions with customers and prospects can consolidate your investments and drive business wins..

Your success is just the start

You’ve navigated countless industry challenges and have a few success stories to show for it. Don’t keep these to yourself. Whether you’ve seen productivity gains from digital transformation or boosted your sustainability credentials through a new initiative, get more out of these efforts by sharing your story.

B2B marketing is the best way to get the word out there and turn your successes into exciting new contracts and clients.

Keep an eye out for our latest whitepaper. It’s all about the supply chain and logistics industry and how marketing can help make the next few years your best yet.

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