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The nine sales tools you need to win new B2B business.

Even the best need a hand to achieve their goals. Find out how you can help your sales teams smash their targets, through sales enablement.

How to lend a helping hand.

Throughout the history of fiction, even the greatest characters rely on having the right tools to get the job done. Where would Harry Potter be without his wand? Or Luke Skywalker without his lightsaber?

And, as awesome as your salespeople might be, there are always ways to help them win new business. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the sales-enablement tools you can give them to turn prospects into customers.

Nine tools for sales success.

  1. Cheat sheets.
    The simplest way to keep your sales team on message is to hand them a script. Armed with a short breakdown of key messages, info and FAQs, your people will have all the answers your clients want — boosting their faith in your expertise.
  2. Data sheets.
    You’ve just come out of a great meeting with a prospect (who’s super psyched about your pitch), but you’re keen to stay at the front of their mind. Enter the data sheet — a short rundown of your key info that gives potential clients a useful reference point once you’ve left the meeting.
  3. Presentations
    You might think you already have this covered, but you’d be surprised at how many presentations we see that fall short of what an audience is looking for (and this’ll go for your competitors as well). That’s why a short, succinct presentation can really engage your prospects and help you to stand out.
  4. Sales emails.
    The best way to get a prospect on board is by building a personal relationship between them and your people. But, first, you have to capture their attention. And an email (or a short series of emails) that offers the exact solution to your audience’s problems will do just the job.
  5. Internal training emails.
    There’s no point in collating a range of content to connect with customers if your sales team don’t know what’s going on. Internal comms, such as emails, are the key to making the most of any part of your sales-enablement campaign.
  6. Intranet campaign pages.
    Along with cheat sheets and training emails, creating a bank of resources that your sales team can refer to, whenever they need, will help you share your key messages and win sales.
  7. User videos.
    Your prospects don’t want a constant barrage of info from your salespeople. They want the time to explore their options. But this doesn’t mean you can’t present your best offer. With a collection of user videos, you can give potential customers all the info they need — without having to keep them on the other end of the phone.
  8. Calling days.
    A great way to boost your sales is to hold a calling day — setting specific targets, offering incentives and creating an atmosphere that brings your people together to achieve more.
  9. Full-on sales-enablement campaigns.
    Ok, so not technically a tool itself, but still worth a mention. With a full campaign, you can bring all of the previous elements together to form a cohesive message and make sure your people have everything they need to succeed.

Tool up and start selling.

With the right tools for the job, your people will smash their sales targets (and then some). Get in touch to find out more about how sales enablement can work for your B2B business.

Blog posts

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