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How to energise your prospects with an eMagazine.

Inbound marketing is all about creating content that prospects will proactively seek out. And to do that, you need to offer them something pretty special…

Enter the eMagazine.

eMagazines are digital collections of quality content that are as glossy as their printed counterparts, but come at a fraction of the production cost.

They give your prospects something to read that’s entertaining, looks awesome, and, importantly, brings your messages to the fore.

Right now you’re probably thinking: that’s all great, but how do I actually create something that’ll resonate with my audience? And what should I eat for lunch?

Well, for lunch, we’d emphatically suggest pizza — because, pizza.

And as for crafting a compelling eMagazine, we’ve got some tips that’ll get you off to the best possible start.

The dos and don’ts.


  • Think glossy magazine and use eye-catching images. Make sure these images are high-quality so there isn’t a pixel out of place and you get the clarity that’ll grab attention.
  • Include a wide range of content — an eMagazine is your chance to both show off and to showcase every aspect of your organisation.
  • Think about how you can keep design consistent. Create some spread templates and reuse them, as printed magazines do; it’ll help your content feel warm and familiar.
  • Decide how often you’re going to publish — and stick to it. No one wants a disappointed readership.
  • Use material you already have. Case studies, interviews, photo shoots, white papers and brochures all have elements that lend themselves to eMag content.
  • Shout about it — let your customers know there’s a new great read out there. Use your social channels, drop prospects an email or pick up the phone.


  • Treat it like a blog; it’s bigger than that — you can use articles, but only in conjunction with images and other forms of content.
  • Be afraid to push the design boundaries — this is your chance to add imagery into the communications mix, so make the most of the opportunity. Your design could create fresh and welcome perceptions amongst prospects.
  • Include things for the sake of it. Beware of padding things out; you risk diluting your overall message.
  • Forget about it once it’s done — your eMagazine is a great tool to share with customers and prospects in most situations — until the next issue comes out.
  • Think it’s restricted to an online presence — you can print it out, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Get writing — your prospects will appreciate it, we promise.

And if you need more help creating a connection with your prospects, then get in touch — we’d love to talk to you about your B2B marketing strategy. And pizza. We’re always happy to talk about pizza.

Blog posts

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