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Five reasons to say ‘yes’ to social media in B2B

Five reasons to say ‘yes’ to social media in B2B

Deciding to include social media in your B2B marketing mix can feel counter-intuitive: surely it’s more of a B2C tool? In fact, 83 per cent of B2B marketers use social media, making it the most common B2B marketing tactic. To help you take the plunge, here are five golden reasons to embrace social media.

  1. Make the most of your content.
    Social media is a simple and effective way to sweat your resources further. If you have great content, why not share it as widely as possible? From your company blog through to your latest white paper or case study, social media increases the chances of getting your content noticed. Plus, it can increase awareness of your brand, too. Overall, it increases the visibility of everything you do and, used wisely, this can help you reach new heights of presence amongst a broad audience.
  2. Keep your costs down.
    With social media you can promote your business at a fraction of the cost of traditional forms of marketing. Paid promotion offers a relatively low cost way to target your audience based on age, industry, job title, location, interests, income, and much more. Results are rapid, too, allowing you to take stock and adjust where necessary, making sure your budget is working as hard as possible.
  3. Global reach no matter what your size.
    Social media is one of the few areas where a smaller organisation can compete on a par with an international player. To a certain extent, it’s a level playing field. Via social media, you can easily reach customers and prospects all around the world, giving you a global presence.
  4. Achieve thought leadership.
    Bring knowledgeable opinions to social media, and you have the opportunity to grow your thought leadership position — no matter what the size of your company. Even as a single expert, you can join debates and share your expertise to build up a reputation people will listen to.
  5. Maximise website traffic and conversions.
    A consistent and engaging social media strategy brings with it increased website traffic and conversion rates. Social media gives you the opportunity to appeal to an audience beyond your regular website visitors, opening the door to encouraging leads that would otherwise not have come your way. Every post, tweet, image or video comes with the chance of being seen by a prospective customer beyond your loyal customer base.

If you’d like to talk through how social media can benefit your business, then get in touch.

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