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Don’t let marketing become your last mile

Don’t let marketing become your last mile


More than any other industry, supply chain and logistics is familiar with the last mile. That final step of the journey where a product is delivered to the customer’s door. It should be the easy home straight, but it’s often the most expensive and time-consuming part of the supply chain process.

It’s important not to let your marketing fall into this trap. You’ve done the hard yards and survived the pressures of the past few years. That’s taken innovation, agility and a lot of hard work. Keeping your partners and customers up-to-date should be the easy part. That’s why you need an effective, efficient B2B marketing strategy. One that consolidates your success and expands your business prospects.

There are loads of ways that B2B marketing can help you strengthen relationships and win business:

  • A strong content strategy identifies your business goals and the best content to get you there.
  • A clear brand identity sets your unique voice apart from the competition and keeps your messaging on track.
  • Expert led content showcases the knowledge in your organisation and outlines your presence as a thought leader in your industry.
  • A strategic social media presence actively connects you with the right audience and presents your brand in the right way.
  • Focused value communication shares your core principles and aspirations with clients, both current and potential.
  • Powerful storytelling turns your business solutions into engaging content that boosts your industry credentials.
  • A consistent presence shows clients you’re an organisation they can rely on, with joined-up thinking that supports your business goals.

To find out why marketing is so important to the supply chain and logistics industry right now, keep an eye out for our latest industry-focused whitepaper. In it, we look at your unique challenges and provide lots more insight into the marketing strategies that will help drive your business over the coming years.

Don’t let marketing become your last mile! Have a read and let us know if there’s anything we can help with – our account team would be more than happy to discuss your business goals.

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