Talk in pictures

Mix clear visuals and snappy copy in infographics that communicate in an instant

Versatile visuals

The primary strength of an infographic is its ability to use visuals to make the complex simple, so that messages can be absorbed in a moment. When so many decision-makers are time poor, an infographic can be the best form of cut-through, encouraging further investigation.

Infographics are flexible communication tools that sit as happily within a blog post or on social media, as they do on a website or in a brochure or whitepaper. In many cases, one versatile main infographic can offer extra value when repurposed into several smaller ones.

Getting the crucial mix right

Crafting an effective infographic is an art. It involves selecting the most relevant and impactful statistics or facts to draw the audience further into the sales journey, and combining these with punchy graphics that use every visual ‘shorthand’ cue to communicate in an instant.

Our team of copywriters and designers work together to blend words and pictures in an attention-grabbing, yet on-brand, way. They also construct infographics to work as both a single piece, and as smaller ‘snippets’, to be used within papers and brochures, and across social media.

Infographic samples

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