Turning stories into accolades

With years of experience in healthcare and a commitment to creating fantastic patient experiences, Medirest wanted to celebrate the dedication of its teams beyond the boundaries of internal recognition. It set out to enter the outstanding achievements of its staff for a series of prestigious awards open to those working in facilities management for healthcare.

Medirest wanted to highlight the brilliant people and initiatives that were responsible for delivering excellent experiences for patients and professionals working in the NHS.

Rapid, effective responses

This recognition push involved some tight deadlines, so Medirest turned to us for help translating its teams’ successes into award winning submissions.

We started by analysing what each award body was looking for, so we could make sure to spotlight the many ways Medirest entrants had met those criteria. Guided by that knowledge, we interviewed the key stakeholders involved, teasing out the details that would build a strong entry. Next, we constructed clear and compelling award entries designed to persuade judges to recognise the outstanding achievements of Medirest’s teams.

Remarkable results

Medirest was delighted with our success rate for shortlisting and wins.

During the award season, 53% of our entries for Medirest were shortlisted as finalists and 63% went on to win their categories.

“asabell’s fantastic copywriting helped us to secure three shortlists and two wins at the PEN National Awards. The asabell team quickly grasped our story and crafted compelling entries that clearly demonstrated how our teams hit every metric the awards were looking for.”
Lone Middleton, Proposition Director – Healthcare & ESS, Compass Group UK and Ireland
“Thank you for writing so eloquently about all the hard work our teams have put in over the past year. You nailed the brief and got the essence and passion of our programme across in our strong submissions.”
Stacey Dobson, Head of Patient Experience, Medirest Healthcare

Award ceremony photos